Chanting and Verses for the Sharing of Merits

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Majjhima Nikāya:Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi's Lectures at Chuang Yen Monastery

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20091017MN002-a.mp3 30,532,075   link to video
20091024MN002-b.mp3 27,816,019   video-1  video-2
20091031MN002-c.mp3 31,687,366 MN002_SamyojanaAnusayaAsava.pdf link to video
20091114MN006.mp3 32,025,130   link to video
20091121MN007-a.mp3 29,794,638 MN007_Upakkilesa.pdf link to video
20091219MN007-b.mp3 32,300,983 MN007_DivineAbodes.pdf link to video
20100102MN008.mp3 32,467,748   link to video
20100116MN015.mp3 24,794,331   link to video
20100123MN018.mp3 30,045,884   link to video
20100130MN019.mp3 32,111,804   link to video
20100306MN020.mp3 32,536,085   link to video
20100313MN021.mp3 31,984,849   link to video
20100327MN022-a.mp3 34,086,348   link to video
20100417MN022-b.mp3 32,681,221   link to video
20100424MN022-c.mp3 33,367,876   link to video
20100508MN026-a.mp3 32,271,830   link to video
20100515MN026-b.mp3 30,409,508   link to video
20100529MN026-c.mp3 31,739,245   link to video
20100605MN026-d.mp3 32,183,275   link to video
20100619MN028-a.mp3 29,078,831   link to video
20100626MN028-b.mp3 30,230,204   link to video
20100710MN031.mp3 32,624,953   link to video
20100731MN032.mp3 33,282,925   link to video
20100904MN035.mp3 35,930,174   link to video
20100918MN038-a.mp3 29,598,876   link to video
20100925MN038-b.mp3 31,178,919   link to video
20101002MN038-c.mp3 33,671,471   link to video
20101009MN038-d.mp3 29,459,226 MN038_DeptOrigination.pdf link to video
20101113MN039-a.mp3 29,828,650   link to video
20101120MN039-b.mp3 34,206,563   link to video
20101127MN039-c.mp3 36,329,064 MN039_The_Four_Jhanas_and_Their_Factors.pdf link to video
20101211MN041.mp3 32,842,814   link to video
20101218MN045.mp3 29,319,575   link to video
20110115MN044-a.mp3 27,542,988   link to video
20110122MN044-b.mp3 26,379,389   link to video
20110212MN044-c.mp3 22,708,245   link to video
20110226MN044-d.mp3 29,081,182   link to video
20110305MN048-a.mp3 18,822,426   link to video
20110326MN048-b.mp3 27,898,619   link to video
20110402MN049-a.mp3 27,686,713   link to video
20110409MN049-b.mp3 29,952,313   link to video
20110416MN050.mp3 31,497,404   link to video
20110514MN053-a.mp3 28,815,516 MN053_The_Four_Jhanas_and_Their_Factors.pdf link to video
20110521MN053-b.mp3 31,920,744   link to video
20110604MN057.mp3 29,946,671   link to video
20111022MN060-a.mp3 27,668,845 MN060_WrongViews.pdf link to video
20111105MN060-b.mp3 28,901,877   link to video
20111117MN061.mp3 29,319,419   link to video
20111203MN062-a.mp3 29,099,206   link to video
20111210MN062-b.mp3 28,880,091   link to video
20111217MN062-c.mp3 32,943,281   link to video
20120107MN064-a.mp3 26,443,650   link to video
20120114MN064-b.mp3 28,180,480   link to video
20120128MN066.mp3 29,121,306   link to video
20120204MN067.mp3 28,057,234   link to video
20120324MN069.mp3 31,274,841   link to video
20120331MN070-a.mp3 28,408,320  MN070_Kitagiri Sutta-Analysis of Feelings.pdf link to video
20120407MN070-b.mp3 29,918,772  MN070_Kitagiri Sutta-Seven Noble Persons.pdf link to video
20120512MN071.mp3 20,984,268    link to video
20120512SimpleMeditationForBeginners.mp3 19,476,564  SimpleGuidelinesToMeditationForBeginners.pdf N/A
20120519MN072-a.mp3 27,666,965    link to video
20120526MN072-b.mp3 29,544,803    To Be Added
20120602MN073.mp3 30,190,863    link to video
20120609MN074.mp3 33,534,568    video-1 video-2 video-3
20120616MN075-a.mp3 29,321,926    video-1 video-2
20120623MN075-b.mp3 29,889,463   video-1 video-2
20120714MN076.mp3 32,523,232   video-1 video-2
20120721MN077-a.mp3 31,293,179   video-1 video-2
20120804MN077-b.mp3 31,260,264   video-1 video-2
20120818MN077-c.mp3 29,639,314     video-1 video-2
20120825MN077-d.mp3 31,990,491    video-1 video-2
20120908MN081.mp3 32,631,223    video-1 video-2 video-3
20120915MN082-a.mp3 31,895,353    video-1 video-2
20120922MN082-b.mp3 30,696,646    video-1 video-2
20120929MN086-a.mp3 29,049,678    video-1 video-2
20121006MN086-b.mp3 34,491,663    video-1 video-2
20121117MN087.mp3 30,427,063    video-1 video-2
20121201MN089.mp3 32,501,603    video-1 video-2
20121208MN091-a.mp3 30,704,640    video-1 video-2
20121215MN091-b.mp3 31,425,933    video-1 video-2
20130518MN095-a.mp3 28,186,854    video-1 video-2
20130525MN095-b.mp3 32,979,983    video-1 video-2
20130601MN097.mp3 29,110,491    video-1 video-2
20130615MN099andOther.mp3   32,243,712    video-1 video-2
20130713MN101-a.mp3   29,769,717    video-1 video-2
20130720MN101-b.mp3   28,627,905    video-1 video-2
20130803MN103.mp3 32,567,432   video-1 video-2
20130817MN104.mp3   31,450,697    video-1 video-2
20130907MN105.mp3  32,533,263    To Be Added
20130928MN108.mp3  30,769,841    video-1 video-2
20131005MN109-a.mp3  32,445,022  MN109_FiveAggregates.pdf  video-1 video-2 video-3
20131012MN109-b.mp3  32,106,005   video-1 video-2
20131109MN110.mp3 33,341,231   video-1 video-2 video-3
20131123MN111-a.mp3  32,339,383    video-1 video-2 video-3
20131207MN111-b.mp3 37,797,512   video-1 video-2
20140405MN112-a.mp3  32,883,252    video-1 video-2
20140412MN112-b.mp3  30,966,387    video-1 video-2
20140510MN114.mp3  34,411,259   video-1 video-2
20140531MN115-a.mp3  34,477,087    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20140607MN115-b.mp3 34,529,436    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20140614MN117-a.mp3  31,756,956    video-1 video-2 video-3
20140628MN117-b.mp3  33,849,521    video-1 video-2
20140719MN118-a.mp3  30,243,213    video-1 video-2 video-3
20140726MN118-b.mp3  31,430,478    video-1 video-2
20140816MN118-c.mp3  30,271,112    video-1 video-2
20140823MN119-a.mp3 31,226,253    video-1 video-2
20140906MN119-b.mp3  34,668,774    video-1 video-2 video-3
20141108MN120.mp3 34,513,136    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20141115MN121.mp3 34,318,158    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20141122MN122-a.mp3 30,642,573    link to video
20141206MN122-b.mp3 31,931,716    video-1 video-2 video-3
20141213MN123.mp3 31,325,936    video-1 video-2 video-3
20141220MN124.mp3 31,039,739    video-1 video-2 video-3
20150404MN125.mp3  31,540,506   video-1 video-2
20150411MN129-a.mp3  34,221,296    video-1 video-2
20150509MN129-b.mp3  30,882,690    video-1 video-2
20150711MN131MN133.mp3  31,108,545    video-1 video-2
20150718MN135-a.mp3  30,477,688   video-1 video-2 video-3
20150725MN135-b.mp3  31,898,018    video-1 video-2 video-3
20150808MN136.mp3  31,991,588 MN136_TheGreatExpositionOfKamma.pdf  video-1 video-2 video-3
20150815MN137-a.mp3  31,616,522  MN137_Salayatana.pdf  video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20150822MN137-b.mp3  33,082,775    video-1 video-2 video-3
20150829MN138.mp3  31,343,647    video-1 video-2 video-3
20150919MN139.mp3  32,643,918    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20151003MN141.mp3  31,050,083     
20151107MN140-a.mp3  31,540,506    video-1 video-2 video-3 video-4
20151114MN140-b.mp3  30,359,713    video-1 video-2 video-3
20151121MN142.mp3  31,893,002    video-1 video-2 video-3
20151205MN143MN147.mp3 31,929,835    video-1 video-2 video-3
20151219MN144MN145.mp3 28,113,815    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160402MN146.mp3 30,526,276    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160409MN148-a.mp3 32,485,146    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160416MN148-b.mp3 29,883,663    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160430MN149.mp3 34,474,192    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160507MN151.mp3 32,578,246    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160514MN150MN152.mp3 30,756,049    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160611MN001-a.mp3 31,468,878    video-1 video-2 video-3
20160618MN001-b.mp3 31,906,952  Khemaka_Sutta.pdf  video-1 video-2 video-3
20160625MN043-a.mp3 31,228,761    video-1 video-2
20160709MN043-b.mp3 30,485,054      
20160716MN043-c.mp3  (the end) 31,983,125      

In the Buddha's Words:Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi's Lectures at Chuang Yen Monastery

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20070915Intro.mp383,271,724 Historical_ Background.pdfTo Be Added
20070929Ch1.mp388,953,835 To Be Added
20071006Ch2.mp339,875,072 To Be Added
20071020Ch3.mp345,049,344 To Be Added
20071027Ch4-a.mp341,965,056Worshipping_the_Six_Directions.pdfTo Be Added
20071103Ch4-b.mp343,397,120 To Be Added
20071108Ch5-a.mp379,644,800 To Be Added
20071208Ch5-b.mp391,752,576 To Be Added
20071215Ch5-c.mp343,240,448 To Be Added
20080405Ch6-a.mp342,523,136 To Be Added
20080412Ch6-b.mp343,713,536 To Be Added
20080726Ch6-c.mp3112,855,168 To Be Added
20080802Ch7-a.mp339,572,992 To Be Added
20080816Ch7-b.mp343,319,808 To Be Added
20080823Ch7-c.mp340,491,008 To Be Added
20080906Ch7-d.mp341,292,800 To Be Added
20080920Ch7-e.mp343,380,224The_Four_Jhanas_and_Their_Factors.pdfTo Be Added
20081004Ch8-a.mp342,885,120 To Be Added
20081018Ch8-b.mp341,732,650The_Five_Hindrances_and_Their_Elimination.pdfTo Be Added
20081101Ch8-c.mp347,561,143 To Be Added
20081115Ch8-d.mp343,704,529 To Be Added
20081206Ch8-e.mp341,800,986 To Be Added
20081213Ch8-f.mp342,887,314 To Be Added
20090117Ch8-g.mp345,538,160 To Be Added
20090124Ch8-h.mp339,332,258 To Be Added
20090131Ch8-i.mp340,727,510The_Seven_Factors_of_Enlightenment.pdfTo Be Added
20090207Ch8-j.mp340,530,181 To Be Added
20090228Ch8-k.mp340,381,910 To Be Added
20090307Ch9-a.mp345,647,255 To Be Added
20090425Ch9-b.mp332,697,678 To Be Added
20090502Ch9-c.mp342,938,410Anguttara_Nikaya_3.76.pdfTo Be Added
20090509Ch9-d.mp329,785,077Additional_Texts_on_Dependent_Origination.pdfTo Be Added
20090530Ch9-e.mp333,609,874 To Be Added
20090613Ch9-f.mp343,228,212The_Five_Aggregates.pdfTo Be Added
20090620Ch9-g.mp345,517,479Formulas_for_Insight.pdfTo Be Added
20090711Ch9-h.mp342,581,525 To Be Added
20090718Ch9-i.mp340,321,724DeptOrigination.pdfTo Be Added
20090725Ch9-j.mp342,658,011 To Be Added
20090801Ch9-k.mp343,291,690 To Be Added
20090815Ch10-a.mp340,811,206 To Be Added
20090822Ch10-b.mp341,838,289 link to video
20090829Ch10-c.mp344,905,900 link to video
20090919Ch10-d.mp329,450,605 link to video
20090926Ch10-e.mp340,688,640 video-1  video-2
20091003Ch10-f.mp3 (the end)33,810,808 link to video